The Return of Live Music?

Years ago, when the world was a simpler place, it seemed like everywhere you went, you were treated to live music. And I don’t just mean some average boozed-up group of wannabes craving for your attention – I mean real talent. Just look back to Liverpool in the 50s and 60s, and it felt like the world was a single expression of common musicality.

But roll forward a few years and where are we now?

It’s almost become an underground sport to locate quality live music. But you know that it still exists, it’s just where to find it! Let’s be frank about it – live music is not all about spinning a few tracks up for an overcrowded dance-floor. It’s not some spotty teenager firing in endless loops over a meaningless dance track. Yes, I know that there is talent in the genre, but really? Pass me that lobotomy tool-kit and I’ll make my own entertainment thanks.

Perhaps it’s the slurry of talent shows such as The Voice, BGT or The X-Factor, that are responsible for a generation of musical dross. Sure, there are some talented artists coming through on these shows, but they are then herded into the commercial music industry whereby any unique qualities they ever possessed are systematically removed from them in short order. No, this is not the way forward.

But there is hope! Sites like Lemonrock will show you gigs close to you over the coming days and weeks. It’s a fantastic tool to unearth talent across the UK.

And it may just me, but with bands such as Mumford & Sons climbing in popularity, are we finally seeing a corner turned with a return to quality music composition and performance? Maybe they’ve found that old dusty A-to-Z with those old musical corners circled in red.

Whatever it is, I for one am starting to feel like a glimmer of hope is returning to the industry. Time will tell whether this is ludicrous over-optimism, but as a business-owner I am a glass-half-full guy deep down so my fingers are well and truly crossed that this is the start of a very welcome revival in the live music scene.

Now just to reopen some of those dilapidated venues that have shut over the years….

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