Choosing a Microphone for Video Recording – Your Guide from TheMicStore

Over the past few years, the increasing addition of video recording from within ‘standard’ DSLR cameras has seen a huge rise in photographers needing to learn all about audio capture for the first time. If this describes your journey then this guide is for you! 


94dB is the Magic (Microphone) Number – Or What is Self-Noise

How many times have you looked at the specifications of a particular microphone only to be baffled by unfamiliar terminology? Terms like ‘Pascal’, “@1 Pa” or “dB”? Well, these terms are all interrelated and help you understand how efficient a mic is, and the quality of the components used to manufacture the mic. Today we’re [...]

Rode Unveils VideoMic Pro – NAMM 2011

The New VideoMic Pro mounted on a digital SLR shoe fitting

Well today the cat can come bounding out of the bag with the embago lifted on the launch of the new Rode VideoMic Pro shotgun mic. We’ve known about this for months now but been under strict instructions to keep it quiet until [...]

Rode VideoMic and Sennheiser MKE400 Size Comparision

Picture of the Rode VideoMic and Sennheiser MKE400 side-by-side

We get asked often about why the Sennheiser MKE400 is so much more than the Rode VideoMic for what is in essence the same type of mic. We believe that a picture tells a thousand words so have a look at this…

When comparing the [...]

Rode Adds Bundle to NT2a for Free!

Just in time for those Christmas sales, those nice people at Rode have added some great free accessories free to their NT2a mic. For the same reduced price of £239.00, you now also get a pop-screen, full shockmount, and cable.

Order now to guarantee your mic before Christmas.

Rode NT2A Mic Bundle