What is Phantom Power?

You may have heard of this mysterious term called Phantom Power but just what does it mean? In a nutshell, it is a voltage needed by condenser mics for them to work.

The principle is relatively simple. Condenser mic (see our article on What is a Condenser Mic) capsules are constructed with two thin metal [...]

How to Choose the right Microphone

Choosing the right microphone can be an art in itself. There are a few main areas however that you will need to consider that will help you to start looking in the right direction.

Q. Where will the mic be used?

The first area that will affect which mic to choose is where you are [...]

What is a Ribbon Mic?

Ribbon microphones are some of the most natural-sounding mics available. They are constructed, as the name suggests, from an extremely light sliver of aluminium, which is suspended at both ends by a powerful magnet. Changes in air pressure caused by sound waves results in a current change across the ribbon which is then transmitted and [...]