Choosing a Microphone for Video Recording – Your Guide from TheMicStore

Over the past few years, the increasing addition of video recording from within ‘standard’ DSLR cameras has seen a huge rise in photographers needing to learn all about audio capture for the first time. If this describes your journey then this guide is for you!¬†


Presonus AudioBox VSL Interfaces Announced

Presonus have today announced the imminent launch of a new range of USB audio interfaces. The AudioBox VSL range includes 3 models all of which include virtual processing software for the addition of effects and dynamics processors to the signal chain.



The 3 models are:

Presonus AudioBox 22VSL Р2-in, 2-out  Availability Late [...]

What is Phantom Power?

You may have heard of this mysterious term called Phantom Power but just what does it mean? In a nutshell, it is a voltage needed by condenser mics for them to work.

The principle is relatively simple. Condenser mic (see our article on What is a Condenser Mic) capsules are constructed with two thin metal [...]