101 Years and Counting…

Today we hit a bit of a milestone. No, we haven’t been going for 101 years (although that really would be something to shout about as an online company). So what has happened? Well 2 things as it happens. And together they add up to 101 years…


NAMM News: Blue launches Reactor Multi-Pattern Mic

The news is coming in fast from the NAMM show. Latest to announce is Blue Microphones who are launching the Reactor studio mic with what could be described as one of the most innovative designs ever seen. Time will tell as to whether this mic is all style over substance, but initial reports suggest that [...]

Antares MicModEFX Now Available at TheMicStore

New from the award-winning Antares brand is MicModEFX which is now available at TheMicStore. This fascinating software allows you to emulate some of the world’s greatest mics at the touch of a button!

Use of the software is simplicity itself. You simply tell the software which mic the audio track was recorded with from a [...]

DPA Launches 4099D Clip-On Drum Mic

DPA today announced the expansion of its 4099 range of clip-on mics to include the 4099D drum mic. This award-winning range has been the stable choice of performers since its launch a few years ago, so the additional of a drum mic is very welcome.

The 4099D microphone for drums and percussion is the first [...]

DPA Launches 4099P Clip-On Piano Mic Set

It’s been a busy day for DPA who have also launched the 4099P stereo piano mic set which provides two clip-mounted mics designed especially for both grand and upright piano. The mics are supplied on magnetic mounts, and the mics have been sensitivity-matched to ensure they work together as one.

The system includes two DAD6001 [...]