94dB is the Magic (Microphone) Number – Or What is Self-Noise

How many times have you looked at the specifications of a particular microphone only to be baffled by unfamiliar terminology? Terms like ‘Pascal’, “@1 Pa” or “dB”? Well, these terms are all interrelated and help you understand how efficient a mic is, and the quality of the components used to manufacture the mic. Today we’re [...]

Would you Buy a Neumann U87 for £179?

Yes, there is tongue-in-cheek with this blog title, but there is also a serious note. MXL mics have been creating quite a stir on microphone forums of late; the MXL 2003a has even been favourably compared to the much-loved industry standard Neumann U87 that costs more than ten times as much (RRP for the 2003a [...]

Christmas is Coming at TheMicStore!

Well, today saw many people across the country hampered by the effects of the snow – I know that we were running a skeleton staff for most of the day, but hopefully you all managed to get through it. It’s part of what we do every day if you think about it – cope with [...]

MXL AC404 Boundary Mic Review

I have to say we were not overly excited when we received the new MXL AC-404 Boundary Mic at our offices. USB boundary mics have been increasing in popularity over the past few years with the rise of home-working and teleconferencing. Usually, they are tinny affairs making the user sound like they are sat in [...]