Choosing a Microphone for Video Recording – Your Guide from TheMicStore

Over the past few years, the increasing addition of video recording from within ‘standard’ DSLR cameras has seen a huge rise in photographers needing to learn all about audio capture for the first time. If this describes your journey then this guide is for you! 


Microphone Feedback – A guide to taming the beast

Feedback is a continual problem for many live vocalists. Who recalls that blistering gig where you are completely at one with your performance, the crowd is really responding to you, and then all of a sudden that feedback scream comes from nowhere to completely knock you off your perch? While it is impossible to completely [...]

How to Choose a Lavalier Mic (Lapel Mic, Tie-Clip Mic)

There are many uses for a clip-on lavalier mic, whether to amplify a public speaker, to capture an interviewee to camera or even as a teleconferencing device. In broad terms, there are 4 aspects that will determine which type of mic to choose.

Pick-up type (Omnidirectional or Cardioid) Output impedance (don’t worry – I’ll explain [...]