What is the best vocal microphone (for live use)?

We get asked this question regularly – “What is the best vocal microphone?”. Well let’s start by saying that there is no generic answer to this question. We can however start to narrow down some of the choices though. This is reasonably important as there are several thousand to choose from!

Choosing a vocal mic [...]

I’ve changed my mind…

I’ve changed my mind. People who know me will consider this a landmark moment! I’ve decided to completely rethink my relationship with the venerable Shure SM58. I would guess that almost all of you will know this mic, and have your own relationship with it. You may have used one, or just know of its [...]

Shure SM58 Review – The World’s Most Popular Microphone

For those of you unfamiliar with the Shure SM58, you will certainly have seen several, if not hundreds in your lifetime. They are used by almost every stage crew, band and university globablly. Do a search for ‘Shure SM58′ in Google and you’ll be presented with 589,000 results. Not bad for a single microphone!

So [...]

How to Choose the right Microphone

Choosing the right microphone can be an art in itself. There are a few main areas however that you will need to consider that will help you to start looking in the right direction.

Q. Where will the mic be used?

The first area that will affect which mic to choose is where you are [...]

What is a Dynamic Mic?

Dynamic microphones are the most common form of microphone owing to their rugged construction and low cost of production. They are most typically used during live performance where their ability to take a few knocks outweighs the sonic improvement offered by other mic types.

From a construction standpoint, dynamic mic’s pickup capsule is a relatively [...]