Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd

Now before you start worrying, I’m no marriage counsellor and this article is not going to be about any sort of relationship advice. Those who know me personally know this would probably be a bad idea in any case! So today’s article is much closer to home – how many mics should you use when [...]

94dB is the Magic (Microphone) Number – Or What is Self-Noise

How many times have you looked at the specifications of a particular microphone only to be baffled by unfamiliar terminology? Terms like ‘Pascal’, “@1 Pa” or “dB”? Well, these terms are all interrelated and help you understand how efficient a mic is, and the quality of the components used to manufacture the mic. Today we’re [...]

Studio Mic Design – Why all Metals are not Equal

When was the last time you took a peek inside a studio mic? Chances are not often enough. There have been a raft of low-cost condenser mics over the past few years, and outwardly it would seem that many are pretty much identical. But there is a hidden secret!

Most low-cost condenser mics use moulded [...]

TheMicStore Awarded Audio Technica Centre of Excellence

TheMicStore awarded Centre of Excellence status

We have today been awarded Audio Technica’s Centre of Excellence status for their fantastic range of Studio Mics. With mics starting at just £89.00 through to premium studio ribbons, there is something for everyone. To be awarded CoE status, our staff had to undertake dedicated training, agree to [...]

NAMM News: Blue launches Reactor Multi-Pattern Mic

The news is coming in fast from the NAMM show. Latest to announce is Blue Microphones who are launching the Reactor studio mic with what could be described as one of the most innovative designs ever seen. Time will tell as to whether this mic is all style over substance, but initial reports suggest that [...]