How to Choose a Radio Mic System

This article was commissioned by Audio Pro magazine in 2012 – here’s the article we wrote them in full!

With so many wireless systems on the market today, how can you choose which one would be the most suitable for your own needs?

Regardless of what you are planning to use your wireless system for, [...]

Why Mics, Why TheMicStore?

We thought that it’s only fair we share our story about where on earth TheMicStore came from. If I’m honest, I really didn’t think that anyone would be that interested in who we were. But time and again, when I talk to clients on the phone or in person, it seems that who they are dealing with is [...]

Audio News Digest June 2012 Week 3

Welcome to the latest edition of the weeks’ news and articles. In this post:

Product News and Announcements Studio News Touring News Company News Product News and Announcements

DPA Microphones have long been associated with some of the finest instrument microphones available on the market, in particular the 4099-Series of clip-on mics which are intended [...]

VHF or UHF Radio Mic – What is the Difference?

One of the most frequent questions we get on Wireless Mic System enquiries is what difference there is between VHF and UHF radio mics. This post aims to give you the basics to help understand the differences, and therefore guide you to which system would be best for you.

What do VHF and UHF mean? [...]

Boom Mic Roundup

What is a Boom Mic?

No, this is not a mic that explodes. Yet plenty of people have used them to capture the sound of some sort of explosion! Boom Mics, also known as Shotgun Mics or Rifle Mics, are those that are predominantly used on top of a pole to capture audio when videoing. [...]