Metropolis studio visit & Live Production day

Metropolis Studios London

This week Steve from TheMicStore was down at Metropolis Studios in London advising engineers and producers on appropriate Microphones and usages. Roland had kindly set up the Live Production event in conjunction with Metropolis Studios and Steve had been asked to take along a host of LEWITT Microphones.

Laura Kidd an amazing instrumentalist and vocalist was performing in the studios using a LEWITT MTP540DM on her vocals and a Lewitt DPT340TT on her Ukulele. Russ Tite FOH engineer for The Kooks was engineering using the new Roland RSG series of mixers and later engineered two live performances from NZCA/LINES and Moscow Youth Cult.

Michael Lovett - NZCA/Lines

Nzca/Lines is the brain child of Michael Lovett, the prolific Londoner who is obsessed with tight R&B production, fused with his waves of electronic sounds and shimmering vocals. Support was from the equally excellent Moscow Youth Cult, these guys caused a real stir…

The main vocals on both live sessions used the Lewitt MTP540DM with backing vocals using Lewitt MTP240DM to great effect.

Lewitt MTP240 Vocal Mic

Both of the MTP240DM and MTP540DM can be switched or non-switched as well which is nice and if you like using a condenser microphone for live use there is also one available called the MTP340CM again available in both switched and non-switched models.

Plenty of the Press were around as well as numerous live and studio engineers and producers and it seems Lewitt are gaining respect and a fantastic reputation on a daily basis and are fast becoming a great alternative in both the live and studio for previous industry standards.

In the Studio The Lewitt LCT940 received a lot of attention with its striking looks and amazing features. It can utilise both valve and FET technology and also lets you move between all the main polar patterns Omni, Cardioid, Hyper-Cardioid and a Figure of Eight (or part way inbetween). Cameell Hanna (Manager/Booking Director at Serenity West Recording) – now says the LCT940 is a vocal mic he offers up first of all to all their clients (names like Adele, Rihanna, The Roots, Justin Timberlake & Sean Combs).

Lewitt LCT940 Valve Mic

In our humble opinion The Lewitt microphones seem to offer exceptional value for money, have some innovative features and sound great as well. They are now being used by some of the most well-respected and biggest names in the Industry such as Bob Horn (Engineer, mixer, Producer), Derek White (Session drummer Adele), and recently¬†Warren Huart (Producer/Engineer) used a pair of LCT640′s on the latest Aerosmith Album.

So if you want to hear what all the fuss is about and what might work for you why not give us a call or drop us an email at TheMicstore so we can advise on what might work for you!

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