Audio News Digest June 2012 Week 3

Welcome to the latest edition of the weeks’ news and articles. In this post:

  1. Product News and Announcements
  2. Studio News
  3. Touring News
  4. Company News

Product News and Announcements

DPA Microphones have long been associated with some of the finest instrument microphones available on the market, in particular the 4099-Series of clip-on mics which are intended to be used live on stage.  At InfoComm 2012 in Las Vegas, DPA announced on Sunday that this range is due to be superseded by a revised series to be known as “d:vote”. This announcement brings more to the table than simply a rebranding exercise, with the new versions exhibiting greater durability and reduced sensitivity to noise handling. The available accessories have been increased to include heavy-duty connection cables, as well as gooseneck extensions. Limited stocks of the original 4099 microphones remain available with the new d:vote versions coming soon.

Studio News

Have you outgrown your bedroom as a venue for your music production? Maybe you are in the market for a commercial venture to run with? The World-Famous Parr Street Studios in Liverpool remains up for sale and has recently been reduced from £2.95m by over £1m! With a top-class hotel thrown in, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for!

If Liverpool is not the place for you though (it’s a cracking night out in case you were wondering), there’s always Air Studios in London‘s Hampstead district. Possibly the better choice if you need to be able to record a full symphony orchestra.

Touring News

UK singer and rapper Example has chosen Sennheiser to partner with for his series of summer concerts and festivals. With microphones covering all vocals, a selection of drum mics, as well as a 10-way In-Ear-Monitoring (IEM) system, the singer is obviously putting quality at the forefront of his production decisions.

Also announced this week, is that tickets are due to go on sale for Glastonbury 2013 at 9am on Sunday 7th October. Hopeful attendees will need to pre-register before they can book tickets. For more information visit

TheMicStore Company News

Amongst this week’s additions to the site is the JTS MA-XU XLR-to-USB adapter. This helpful device a will allow you to plug any standard microphone directly into the USB port of your Mac or PC for recording or to work with Skype and other teleconferencing applications.

Finally for this week, we have improved our best-selling studio mic bundle by adding a microphone stand and dropping the price! How good are we to you??? There are only 8 of these left so get in there quick if this is your thing…

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