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Hi, and thanks for visiting TheMicStore Blog! We are a specialist microphone retailer based in West Yorkshire, whose mission is to match every requirement to the correct microphone.

This blog will provide you with invaluable advice and tips concerning microphones and their use in the real world. We aim to cut through the manufacturer niceties and help you decide on the perfect mic for your needs. Whilst we offer mics from the major manufacturers such asĀ Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser, you will also find mics from boutique brands such as Sontronics, Lauten Audio, Cloud and Clockaudio.

Whatever you need, we hope to help you. As ever, we welcome your feedback. This is not a ‘we-tell-you’ activity – we honestly welcome your feedback and interaction. We know that we cannot know everything, but hope in time that this will become the number 1 resource for microphones on the Internet – and only with your input will we acheive this.

Feel free to read our articles, news and reviews, or visit us at TheMicStore for further information.