TheMicTour Free Educational Seminars Announced

In an industry first, TheMicStore today announces its TheMicTourâ„¢ series of seminars running across the country during November and December 2011. Seminars will include events for both the Live/Studio industry as well as Broadcast/Production industry. TheMicTourâ„¢ is coming to London, Bristol, Birmingham and Leeds.

Attendees will be able to hear from some of the biggest [...]

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd

Now before you start worrying, I’m no marriage counsellor and this article is not going to be about any sort of relationship advice. Those who know me personally know this would probably be a bad idea in any case! So today’s article is much closer to home – how many mics should you use when [...]

Presonus AudioBox VSL Interfaces Announced

Presonus have today announced the imminent launch of a new range of USB audio interfaces. The AudioBox VSL range includes 3 models all of which include virtual processing software for the addition of effects and dynamics processors to the signal chain.



The 3 models are:

Presonus AudioBox 22VSL – 2-in, 2-out  Availability Late [...]

Microphone Feedback – A guide to taming the beast

Feedback is a continual problem for many live vocalists. Who recalls that blistering gig where you are completely at one with your performance, the crowd is really responding to you, and then all of a sudden that feedback scream comes from nowhere to completely knock you off your perch? While it is impossible to completely [...]

Sennheiser eRack Pricing Confirmed

Following the recent announcement of the launch of their all-in-one eRack system, Sennheiser have now confirmed pricing. This system allows you to specify which individual mic configuration you need based on any of the Sennheiser EW Evolution G3 wireless systems. The complete package includes everything needed for a simple-to-use 4-channel wireless system. The Sennheiser eRack [...]