94dB is the Magic (Microphone) Number – Or What is Self-Noise

How many times have you looked at the specifications of a particular microphone only to be baffled by unfamiliar terminology? Terms like ‘Pascal’, “@1 Pa” or “dB”? Well, these terms are all interrelated and help you understand how efficient a mic is, and the quality of the components used to manufacture the mic. Today we’re [...]

Countdown to AES North Inaugural Meeting in Leeds

There are less than 24-hours to go until the AES opens its doors in Leeds for its opening meeting, the first outside the South of the UK. Set up by Kerry-Anne Kubisa, based at the School of Music at the University of Leeds, this opening meeting will host a presentation by Roger Quested on Monitoring [...]

Studio Mic Design – Why all Metals are not Equal

When was the last time you took a peek inside a studio mic? Chances are not often enough. There have been a raft of low-cost condenser mics over the past few years, and outwardly it would seem that many are pretty much identical. But there is a hidden secret!

Most low-cost condenser mics use moulded [...]