I’ve changed my mind…

I’ve changed my mind. People who know me will consider this a landmark moment! I’ve decided to completely rethink my relationship with the venerable Shure SM58. I would guess that almost all of you will know this mic, and have your own relationship with it. You may have used one, or just know of its [...]

Channel 70 or 38 – A Wireless Guide

There is still much talk (and confusion) about what the changes will bring in 2012 to radio mic systems as part of the digital switchover. Without fail, we get calls about this subject every day, so we wanted to try to clear this up once and for all.

Let’s start with one big point… If [...]

TheMicStore Awarded Audio Technica Centre of Excellence

TheMicStore awarded Centre of Excellence status

We have today been awarded Audio Technica’s Centre of Excellence status for their fantastic range of Studio Mics. With mics starting at just £89.00 through to premium studio ribbons, there is something for everyone. To be awarded CoE status, our staff had to undertake dedicated training, agree to [...]