Shure SM58 Review – The World’s Most Popular Microphone

For those of you unfamiliar with the Shure SM58, you will certainly have seen several, if not hundreds in your lifetime. They are used by almost every stage crew, band and university globablly. Do a search for ‘Shure SM58′ in Google and you’ll be presented with 589,000 results. Not bad for a single microphone!

So [...]

Rode Unveils VideoMic Pro – NAMM 2011

The New VideoMic Pro mounted on a digital SLR shoe fitting

Well today the cat can come bounding out of the bag with the embago lifted on the launch of the new Rode VideoMic Pro shotgun mic. We’ve known about this for months now but been under strict instructions to keep it quiet until [...]

NAMM News: Blue launches Reactor Multi-Pattern Mic

The news is coming in fast from the NAMM show. Latest to announce is Blue Microphones who are launching the Reactor studio mic with what could be described as one of the most innovative designs ever seen. Time will tell as to whether this mic is all style over substance, but initial reports suggest that [...]

NAMM News: Sennheiser Announces Mk 4 Studio Mic

In our first mic-related update of 2011′s NAMM exhibition, Sennheiser has announced the launch of its Mk 4 Studio mic. This is the first side-addressed condenser mic from Sennheiser and promises to be in high demand. The mic is a large-diaphragm true condenser and has been designed for project studio owners. With a maximum sound [...]

Rode VideoMic and Sennheiser MKE400 Size Comparision

Picture of the Rode VideoMic and Sennheiser MKE400 side-by-side

We get asked often about why the Sennheiser MKE400 is so much more than the Rode VideoMic for what is in essence the same type of mic. We believe that a picture tells a thousand words so have a look at this…

When comparing the [...]