What is a Shotgun Mic?

Shotgun microphones are long-barrelled mics designed to focus audio pickup at the front, with increased rejection of sound from the sides and rear. These are most often used in video & film production, and installed applications such as theatres, educational establishments and places of worship. The length of the mic’s ‘barrel’ is typically a good [...]

Choosing a Mic for a Video Camera or Camcorder

We get a significant number of enquiries from video professionals looking for a mic to improve audio capture on their camcorder or more recently HD cameras. There are a number of elements that will combine to get the correct choice…

What device are you using?

This may seem obvious, but frequently the model being used [...]

What is Phantom Power?

You may have heard of this mysterious term called Phantom Power but just what does it mean? In a nutshell, it is a voltage needed by condenser mics for them to work.

The principle is relatively simple. Condenser mic (see our article on What is a Condenser Mic) capsules are constructed with two thin metal [...]

Antares MicModEFX Now Available at TheMicStore

New from the award-winning Antares brand is MicModEFX which is now available at TheMicStore. This fascinating software allows you to emulate some of the world’s greatest mics at the touch of a button!

Use of the software is simplicity itself. You simply tell the software which mic the audio track was recorded with from a [...]